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Dickinson Surveyors

Alan Dickinson MRICS GradDiplCons(AA)

Chartered Building Surveyors, Historic Building Consultants



Alan Dickinson is an independent Chartered Building Surveyor offering various levels of surveys according to the type of building and  Client’s requirements.


The Building Survey


This is a full detailed inspection and report on the condition of a building. It will describe the construction and the sequence of development. It provides advice on repairs required and any future maintenance. The report will be tailored to the Client’s specific requirements to address any particular concern or the practicality of a Client’s intended alteration or extension. The reports are illustrated by photographs, both general views and specific defects, often from locations inaccessible to the Client without ladder access. The report concludes with a list of recommended repairs with budget estimate.


The Practice can arrange for specialist reports, e.g. electrical, heating or drainage or the Surveyor may recommend these in the report.


Unless provided by the Client’s Mortgage Valuer, the report includes an insurance reinstatement valuation.


ISVA Home Survey Report


Alan Dickinson is a member of the Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association, all of whom are Chartered Surveyors.  The report is an intermediate level of reporting providing comments on the condition of the property (including an overview of services), comments on major defects or draw-backs likely to affect the Client’s decision to purchase, any points which should be referred to the Client’s Legal Advisor, an opinion of market value (if required by the Client) and an insurance reinstatement cost (if required by the Client).


This report is suitable for most properties dating from post 1900.


Open Market Valuation


This less detailed report is offered to advise the Client as to the nature of the property and any factors likely to affect its value, including its state of repair and to provide an opinion of the current open market value.


Single Topic Reports


In some cases Clients are concerned as to one aspect of a building’s condition, e.g. dampness or more commonly subsidence. The Practice offers initial appraisal as defined in the Institution of Structural Engineer’s Guidance Subsidence of Low Rise Buildings.


The aim of the appraisal is to determine whether damage arises from foundation movement or some other cause to determine whether the subsidence is significant or likely to become so to the extent that further investigation is justified.




Fees are quoted in advance and are available on enquiry based on the size and age of the property.

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